The Mozart Project

The Mozart Project is a nationally recognized, charitable organization inspired by the universality, accessibility, diversity and beauty of Mozart’s vast repertoire. The purpose of the Mozart Project is to engage audiences in innovative concerts of music by Mozart and related repertoire; to provide learning and performance opportunities to young musicians and emerging artists; and to build connections within and between communities through the unifying and universal qualities of Mozart’s music.

Why Mozart?

Mozart composed more than 600 solo, chamber and orchestral works for every classical instrument, instrument combination and voice type. His compositions typify the best of classical music and provide sound material for pedagogy at any level—they are accessible to beginners yet challenging for professionals, and, above all rewarding for everyone. Mozart’s music is universally appreciated, his life and early death are a source of fascination to many and his uniquely cohesive and expressive compositional style can have a transformative impact on performers and listeners alike.

Vision Statement

The Mozart Project’s vision is to be a leading organization specializing in the music of Mozart that enhances classical music appreciation across communities.

Mission Statement

The Mozart Project’s mission is twofold: (1) to increase the public’s appreciation of Mozart’s music and enrich lives through high-quality performances, and (2) to educate youth and emerging artists through mentorship, masterclasses and performance opportunities.


Charitable registration number: 81790 2174 RR0001