Andrew McCandless about Leopold Mozart’s Trumpet Concerto

On Saturday, November 21, 2020, the Toronto Mozart Players, led by conductor David Bowser, welcome some talented guests. Tickets and information here.


Andrew McCandless, trumpet

Andrew McCandless was appointed Principal Trumpet of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in 1999 and has established himself as a prominent brass player in the orchestral world. Andrew has also held the position of Principal Trumpet with many notable orchestras including the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Dallas Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Sun Valley Summer Symphony in which he still performs today.

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Andrew McCandless about Leopold Mozart’s Trumpet Concerto

When I was in high school there was a recording of the Leopold Mozart Concerto by the famous trumpet player Wynton Marsalis.  I was completely in awe of this recording.  I couldn’t imagine ever being able to play any of the pieces on the record.  There was The Hummel, Haydn and Telemann concertos on the record as well.  Now as an adult I’ve played all of those concertos, but I still think of that recording and how much it inspired me.  I’m so excited to play it with the Mozart Players and David Bowser!

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