COVID-19 Protocol

Currently in-person rehearsals, concerts, and events are restricted to those who are fully vaccinated. For those unvaccinated, virtual options will be offered where possible.

The following guidelines apply to all in-person gatherings:

  1. Proof of vaccination:
    1. To participate in-person, choristers must be fully vaccinated with a Health Canada approved vaccination, including any boosters that may be recommended. Documentation must show that the second shot was given a minimum of 14 days prior to the in-person event.
    1. Proof of vaccination will be reviewed by a designated member, and a paper record will be kept indicating that the proof of vaccination was reviewed. The choir will not keep any copies of the proof of vaccination.
    1. At this time, members who do not provide proof of vaccination will not be permitted to sing with the choir at in-person rehearsals or concerts.
  2. Complete a screening form before attending any in-person event.
  3. Arrive early, be patient, and observe physical distancing while waiting to enter the venue and to go through the screening process.
  4. Sanitize your hands upon arrival. Hand sanitizer will be provided, though individuals are encouraged to bring their own for intermittent use.
  5. Bring your own pencil, water bottle, folder, and other materials.
  6. Observe the seating plan, as provided by the artistic team.
  7. If helping with set up and take down, sanitize hands before and after handling chairs.
  8. For events held indoors:
    • A rapid antigen test will be required and will be provided to participants on site.
    • Wear a mask at all times.
      • For rehearsals, the type of mask is at the discretion of the singer.
      • For performances and recordings, singers must wear the standard mask issued by the choir, or another pre-approved, uniform mask.
    • Maintain physical distancing of two metres.
  9. For events held outdoors:
    • Masks are encouraged, but not required.
    • Maintain physical distancing of two metres.
  10. Stay home if feeling unwell, or as indicated by the screening questions.

These protocols and recommendations are subject to change. If at any time there is a conflict between this document and Toronto Public Health or Public Health Ontario guidelines, government guidelines will supersede.