David Bowser presents “Mystical Birds”

David Bowser, conductor and artistic director of the Toronto Mozart Players, presents the concert.

“Mystical Birds presents a program of exquisite works by Handel, Haydn and Mozart all inspired by bird calls. Bird song has inspired human musical expression for millennia, likely throughout the entire history of our coexistence. It is a wonderful theme for a concert with a sense of charm and light-heartedness.

Each composer in our program incorporates bird calls in the style of their time. The addition of the pipigwan recontextualizes the theme across cultures and era, combining Indigenous musical traditions and the High Classical Style of European concert music. All this unified by the theme of Mystical Birds.”

David Bowser

“Mystical Birds” will be perform on Sunday, November 24, 2019, with the Toronto Mozart Players, led by conductor David Bowser, and some talented guests.  Tickets and information here.