Exsultate, jubliate,
o vos animæ beatæ,
dulcia cantica canendo;
cantui vestro respondendo,
psallant æthera cum me.

Rejoice, be glad,
O you blessed souls,
In singing sweet hymns;
In response to your singing,
Let the heavens sing forth with me.

Fulget amica dies,
iam fugere et nubila et procellæ;
exortus est iustis inexspectata quies.
Undique obscura regnabat nox;
surgite tandem læti, qui timuistis adhub,
et iucundi auroræ fortunatæ,
frondes dextera plena et lilia date

The friendly day shines forth,
both clouds and storms have fled now;
for the righteous there has arisen an unexpected calm.
Dark night reigned everywhere;
rise up at last, you who feared till now,
and joyful for this lucky dawn,
give garlands and lilies with full right hand.

Tu virginum corona, tu nobis pacem dona,
tu consolare affectus, unde suspirat cor.

You, the crown of virgins, grant us peace,
Console the ones you love, whose hearts sigh for you.